Monday, June 24, 2013

inspiration from Celeste's thesis

I had a long, grueling day at work today- 11 straight hours without a lunch break.
My head hurts like nobody's business, and I can't seem to find enough protein in this place to quiet my rumbling stomach.
I'm fighting the despair that it's only Monday, and I'm already loathing the idea of waking up and doing this all over again tomorrow.

And yet, I realize that I can "choose to persuade myself otherwise".  I can find the joy in my work- I can realize that I am in fact quite excited about passing off my Phase III qualification, taking a stab at beating the phone record, and laughing with some of our more congenial clients.  I can rejoice in my ability to discover and solve problems, eat delicious free food, and then come home to an apartment of kind friends.  I can look forward to Hannah's visit next week, real time with friends, and quiet time to ponder.

Thanks, Aristotle.

Thursday, June 13, 2013


Still a morning person
Still a journal writer
Still a reader
Still curly haired
Still finding my way, searching for truth, and loving to learn.
And Jacob 3 is still my favorite.

But for the first year I can remember, today I know that the best way to be happy is to find ways to love.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

For moments I forget

There is hope, peace, and joy in this world. Enough and more to overcome fear, pain, and sorrow. Enough to make every moment worth living to the fullest. And enough to remind us in each of those moments that we have an ever-loving Father who knows and ministers to our specific needs and concerns.

My Heavenly Father's plan is the reason for my hope and peace. I am forever grateful for this knowledge, and for the strength it provides each day.